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Members only section (Intranet)

Why have this section?                
  The answer to this is simple! It allows the DSA to provide special benefits to our members and quick access to information they might normally have to request from the DSA directly. Thus it can be quicker and easier for both local members and multi-national member companies to acess the information they need as they need it and not have to wait while the DSA compiles the data and sends it to them.
What's in this section?                
  No, there are no state secrets held in this section so little value for hackers to try and break through should they wish to.
  Information held there includes full version of statistics in download able formats including Excel, copies of all newsletters, all minutes of DSANZ meetings, copies of World Federation newsletters, and a raft of legislative information from the actual regulations through to guides on how to deal with that legislation.
We even keep copies of presentations done by the DSA at conferences and workshops so members can access this data again and again.
Some information is collated so our members don't have to spend time searching for the detail even though it is available elsewhere on the net.
  All data accessed from within the DSA "members only" section is free to our members and generally will not be made available to a non member except in exceptional circumstances.
  If you are a member then you can click here and now enter the web site but you will need a username and password. If you have lost these contact the DSA and we will re-allocate your access. We may choose to verify your details so please do not be offended if we check.
  If you are not a member and involved in Direct Selling in New Zealand then please think about being a member and download the necessary forms and details from the membership page

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