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DSA New Zealand Code of Practice (Ethics)
  The Direct Selling Association Voluntary Code of Practice applys to all member of the DSA operating in New Zealand.

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  Some Key Points about the Code:            
  • Consumers lodging a complaint should download a copy of how to lodge a complaint to ensure you understand the procedure that needs to be followed
  • The Consumer only version of the Code is also available via any New Zealand Citizens Advice Bureau
  • The current Code Administrator is Paul Heath, a retired High Court Judge and experianced arbitrator
  • No requirement has yet needed either Sir Ian or his predecessor to arbitrate due to the quick resolution of all complaints received to date.
  • The original code was developed in 1995 based on the World Code and ratified on March 1996
  • The current version of the Code was ratified on 3 May 2018 following a full review during 2017/18
  • Each year a report on the Code and its operation is made and circulated to government and consumer bodies. These are available for public viewing
  The Association believes this code must be the minimum acceptable standards in New Zealand and has  worked with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs  to develop DSA code and its wording for recognition by the Fair Trading Act as an Industry Code providing compliance.
Use this thumbnail to see the Code cover page signed by the Minister of Consumer Affairs and the DSANZ President on 3 December 1997

Thumbnail of the Code Agreement with  the NZ Government

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