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Membership of the DSA is voluntary and all members of the DSA must undergo a level of scrutiny before membership is granted and it is therefore a strong ethical tick when a company is a member of the DSA in New Zealand.

While Associate members are not scrutinised to the same level they do still undergo the application process and good reason why they should be approved needs to be identified as part of that process. Good reason can be that they are supplier to one or more of the member companies of products or services and that they wish to support the industry by being affiliated. Inappropriate applicants where possible conflicts of interest might arises are possible and decisions on whether to approve or accept associate members are carefully considered by the Executive before a decision is made.

All full member companies will display the DSA logo on their documentation to assure the consumer that this company adheres to the high standard of the Direct Selling Associations Code of conduct (also known as Code of Practice or Code of Ethics) and principles.
Some minor variations of the colours shown will occur and may be only in black only without colour displayed.

If a Direct Seller does not display this protective mark Consumers should ask why not?
Full Member companies must go through a rigorous check and new applicants will be offered "Provisional Member" for up to 2 years before being granted full membership at the discretion of the Board.
Members displaying Provisional membership must adhere equally to the
Code of Practice 
All members of the DSA must adhere to our Constitution and Rules which provide the discipline tools for any member who fails to adhere to the Code of Practice

Before you apply for membership make sure you have read:

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