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Welcome to the applicaiton page. You should have read or understand about the process that will apply for applicants in the about membership page and should have read the subscription page to assess the fees that will be payable if your application is accepted.
Do not send payment on application as the DSA will invoice you once your membership has been approved in the category you have applied for.
To apply for membership you may contact the association by the normal Contact methods and a full membership kit will be sent to you or download the application forms now from the links below.
E-mailed applications may be submitted using verisign or similiar signature for PDF documents however as hard copy marketing and sales plan materials are required these must be posted to our postal address. 
The process of application is as follows:
  1. Lodge application along with all materials specified in the application document to the DSA
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement letter
  3. The application will go to the next Executive meeting for consideration - this may be as long as two months depending on when you apply
  4. You will be notified by letter of the outcome decision on your membership application and if successful this will include a username and password to access the members section of the web site.
  5. If your membership is for Associate this will be the end of the process. However if your membership if for a full member you will have been granted a provisional membership which may run between 1 and 2 years normally.
  6. The first review of your provisional membership will normally be at 12 months and if considered satisfactory then you will be made a full member at that point. If not then your status will continue as provisional unless a complaint or actions dictate that disciplinary measures are necessary under the Code of Practice or the Constitution You will be notified of the outcome of this review.
  7. At two years we will review the full membeship again if this was deferred at the first review. Assuming not issues remain you will be granted full membership at this point.However if issues do remain the Executive may opt to extend further the provisional period and advise you why. They may also invite you to attend a meeting to discuss this.
  8. This process may be short cut in special circumstances where you hold DSA membership in more than one other country and where your track record in those markets are known to the DSA in New Zealand. Letters of reference from those DSA's maybe used to assist the Executive in deciding whether to allow full membership earlier than the normal prescibed period.
Before you apply for membership please make sure you have read:
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